The Carrock Process

At Carrock we have a refined and tested process to guide our clients through the construction phase starting with initial concept design through the build and finally to project completion and handover.

We have refined this process over the last 20 years, completing hundreds of projects across Cumbria and the Lake District for customers of Carrock Design & Build.

1. Initial site meeting

We start with an initial site meeting to allow us to meet and ascertain your thoughts, ideas and very often dreams for your the project. After this meeting, we will write to you with a formal set of minutes from our initial meeting and setting out the next steps in the journey.

2. Site survey

Our surveying team conduct a formal site survey of the existing property or proposed area of land (topographical) and produce accurate drawings of what is currently there. This provides the initial raw data for our design team to work from, with information on land area, levels, buildings and structures currently occupying the site along with naturally occurring obstacles such as trees and other features all clearly documented. We utilise new Drone flying technology to capture a birds eye view perspective which provides real depth and clarity of the potential from the existing landscape.

3. Proposed sketches/capturing concepts/ pre planning application

We prepare a scheme proposal based on our clients initial design brief. This is the stage where the proposed designs are explored and developed in partnership with you. Our design team produce the initial outline sketches and drawings for the proposed scheme, along with a structured high level design brief from our earlier discussions.

We then use the information captured from the site survey to determine the best layout and orientation of the proposed project. Once all completed outline drawings and design briefs are approved by you, our planning team would contact the local planning authority and ask for advice on the proposed project before submitting the outline planning application documents. At this stage the project is now ready for submission to the local authorities planning application process. This can take between 6 and 8 weeks for a decision to be made.

4. Building control work and building notice

We have two possible routes here.

1 – A building notice – This is a notice sent to the local building control authority notifying them of a building project. It is just a form and a copy of the plans produced for planning. Further information is forwarded to the council throughout the build – such as engineering or drainage layouts etc. It is designed for smaller simple schemes and does allow a rapid start on-site. You will be reliant on the knowledge and skills of your builder using this route as no pre-approval is given by the council.

2 – Full plans submission – This is where our designers assess the building design and prepare drawings and text documents describing how the build complies with modern building control requirements. The plans are submitted to the local building control officers who check the information and issue a conditional or full approval BEFORE work starts onsite. This gives our clients certainty that the design is achievable without unforeseen risk.

5. Construction

We very often get asked by our clients to carry on and build their project. Our site project team are skilled in all elements of construction and we employ over 20 craftsmen across the main building trades. These tradesmen are supported by a strong management team and head office leadership professionals to deliver your project from the plans to completion offering a full turnkey package.